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    About The Cadillac Band

    In the beginning…

    The Cadillac band is a rockband that’s played together for many years. The band however, didn’t get it’s current name until 2004 when DJ Fontana, Elvis’ drummer, came up with the idea. DJ thought it was suitable in many ways. Both Elvis and himself where very interested i Cadillac cars and the band always played the song “Cadillac”. In fact, DJ Fontana liked the song so much that he decided to record it himself home in Nashville. In the beginning the band members where Börje Hallberg, Ulf Nilsson, Mats O, Erik W, Ronny H. During the years both Johnny Z and Mats “MP” Persson from Gyllene Tider, has played the guitar in the band.

    james kutensToday…

    …the permanent members are Börje Hall-berg, bass and song, Ulf Nilsson drums and rythm instruments, Janne “Lucas ” Persson, piano, organ, accordion and harmonies, Bengt Augustsson/Mikael Berggren lead/rythguitar. Lead singers are Janne Lucas Persson, Little Gerhard, Mr B Hallberg .The repertoire contains songs from the Fifties and Sixties by Elvis, and some from the Seventies. They also play songs by Carl Perkins, Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Ricky Nelson, Tages and many more. During the last years the band has toured with DJ Fontana, Stan Perkins, BB Cunningham, James Burton, John Wilkinson, Glenn D Hardin, Jerry Scheff, Svenne Hedlund, Gert L, Tommy Blom, James Lott, Göran Ringbom, Ray Walker, Little Gerhard, Leif “Burken” Björk-lund, Lennart Grahn and , Carl Mann, Rebecka Karlsson. You can read more about these musicians on “Guest Artists The Cadillac band has also played with Swedish artists like Siw Malmkvist, Ola Svensson, Ebbot Lundberg, Lena Påhlsson, Lasse Sigfridsson ,

    Kikki Danielsson and many others..

    Beverly Hills

    The band toured a lot between 2006 and 2009. From Wallmans Salons in Sweden, to Hilton Hotel Beverly Hills and the famous restaurant Alfred’s on Beale Street in Memphis. They also played a lot in old and charming “Folkets Hus” (The Peoples House) and “Folkets Park” (The Peoples Park) Places that are pervaded by a genuine feeling from the Fifties and Sixties. And it can’t get more suitable for this band… During 2006 the band recorded two songs in Mats “MP” Perssons studio in Halmstad, together with Stan Perkins. One of the songs where originally written for George Harrison. Unfortunately he never managed to record it himselfIn 2007 the band visited Memphis on several occasions. Among the places they perfomed was Alfred’s on Beale Street. They also recorded a few songs in the  legendary Sun Studio. Alicia Helgesson got a “scholarship recording” from DJ Fontana and it was recorded at the same time. It was later mixed by Mats MP Persson in his studio in Halmstad, Sweden. During the 30th Anniversery of “Elvis Week” in Memphis 2007, The Cadillac band was back on Alfreds. They also recorded some songs with singer Tommy Blom..

    BB Cunningham

    In 2007 och 2008 the band also toured a lot with BB Cunningham, Jerry Lee Lewis’ bass player. When with The Cadillac Band BB plays the piano and sings.BB had a big hit in USA a couple of years ago, “Let it all hang out there”. BB has his own studio in Memphis and the band have made some recordings there.BB Cunningham was concider as extra member in The Cadillac band.

    National TV

    The Cadillac Band performed in Swedish national television in 2007. On stage was also Tommy Blom, Justin Shandor and BB Cunningham. The legend Glen D Hardin played the piano. The well-known bass player Pete Prichard from England has also played with the band. Pete has played with Scotty Moores band and Liam Grundy among others. He has also performed together with many famous musicians from England, like Eric Clapton. He plays both the bass guitar and contrabass. Joni Compretta, country- and rock singer from Nashville, is yet another star that has sung with the Cadillac Band. In 2008 the band was invited to Jackson, TN to perform on the Carl Perkins Arena on the Rockabilly Hall of Fame’s annual festival. Unfortunately BB had a heart attack just a few days before, and that together with other illness in the band stopped the plans..

    Rockabilly Hall of Fame

    In May 2009 they finally came to Jackson where they not only performed, but also – as the first band from Europe – became members in the Rockabilly Hall of Fame. There was also time to record five songs in Memphis, among them a new one called “Lost in Memphis”. They also made a performance at Nashville Palace, where DJ Fontana and Ray Walker participated.